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What is peaceful rebellion? Like Gandhi? Things do change that way, no question, but the system doesn't change. The perspective passed down from Hammurabi and an educated handful of drunken greeks remains in place.

This system, it runs based on its own rules, not on some metaphysical conception of morality. It is an organism trying to survive. Go ahead and think that it is getting worse, more invasive, more corrupted, more inaccessible, more big brother. It doesn't matter. It's just a system and you can't fight it. You don't even have to buy into it to support it, you just have to take a breath.

What a joke, citizens with fucking guns trying to kill imaginary bad guys, believing in their gunbearing hearts that they are defending AMERICA or DEMOCRACY or CAPITALISM. Pick up your fucking guns and go get a copy of the Bill of Rights, look at the Amendments to the Constitution. Look at your numbers one and two rights as declared by your so-called forefathers. Have you ever bothered to read them? Have you ever wondered why they received the gold and silver medals for importance?

The reason they are listed and written as they are is so the people could speak out and defend themselves AGAINST the government, not against the slob on the barstool next to you who drinks lite beer; not against some dude wearing a bra and declaring his tireless love for his goat. They are wriiten to protect you from your government, you sick fools. You are sick fools if you think people speaking against this government, marching against this government, are the enemies of good god-fearing patriots.

Go read your constitution. Your inalienable rights are rights against the reality of your government

Our so-called forefathers, hypocrites though they were, had among them some very intelligent philosophers. These smart fools knew that no democratic government could ever derail the system. They knew their history. They understood their place. They knew that they weren't creating a new system, they were creating a change in their government. They were simply declaring independence from Britain. And, by the way, they didnt really give two shits about some imaginary evil British empire (no beginning of an axis of evil), they just didn't want to pay taxes to a governmenr across the water who refused to help them subdue the pesky injuns.

And I love the people who polarize ideas, as if capitalism was the opposite of communism. They are simply plotted thoughts along the political spectrum. Horrors: if someone thinks that there might be a moral blackhole in capitalism, then you think that person should move to China to live with his beloved comrades(and China, by the way, is not a good example of communism; nor was the Soviet Union).

What is it you don't like about communism, huh? You dont want your RIGHTS taken away? Don't want your MONEY taken away? Those pinko hairy bastards want to turn you into a cut-out clone of a sheep? Ba-a-a-a-a. Very funny. Read your patriot act. Consider what it means to force your children to say "I pledge my allegiance" to anyone or anything, before school starts. Evaluate the difference between giving your money to big government and to big monopoly conglomerate corporations. Consider. Think.

People have good intentions. We think we are right. I'll assume that we want to change the government and not the system, because the system is just the system and you're part of it, revolutionaries included. Go ahead. Change the government. It will change anyway, if we just sit back for a while. First to the right. Then to the left. Then it shakes itself about and does the hokey pokey.

Just go back as far as you can count. What's changed? Some stuff, true. But not that much. Different names in the halls of fame. But the superbowl shuffle, though it may sound snappier than ever is still just a frickin shuffle--some dream of David taking down Goliath on Monday night. The same system.

And so I'm thinking about grass-roots. You can't fight the system. It's not something that can be overthrown. But it can become obsolete. Nothing will ever really change until the system is no longer relevant.

And don't kid yourself. Sometimes things seem to suck worse than other times. But mostly, things suck. So we strive make things better. We strive to make life more productive, which, if your haven't worked it out yet, is the holy name of the System.

The thing about Marxism that is good, you right wing nutjobs, is the idea of supporting your neighbor. the idea that you don't need to waste your life trying to beat him to the grocery in order to claim the last porterhouse. Everyone can have a juicy t-bone with plenty of A-1 to go around, if we are willing to buy the concept.

The thing about Marxism that is bad, you smelly lefty salad-eaters, is that Marx was the most blind historian ever. Evolution of history? Bloody revolution to overthrow the SYSTEM? A class taking power to guide a philosophical change then willingly laying down the scepter of power? Yeah. As if. It's just a jostling hokey pokey, Lenin turns himself around, and Stalin is what it's all about . . . hey!

None o' that was communism either; it was just a Marxist blind spot. Violence begets. The system begets. A revolution does not a system make.

It just makes Olsen twins. And for most of you, an Olsen here and an Olsen there is enough to get by. You are relatively happy with your Olsens. It proves you aren't in Russia. Even in Russia, an Olsen proves you aren't in Russia. Olsens are the new idolatry. Bow and smile and eat your big macs with hot sauce.

Don't lie, now. You like the Olsen twins. You don't want the system to go away. You can't have a new system AND the Olsen twins. There's only one system absurd enough to provide the Olsen twins and it is this one.

I hate the Olsen twins, but I still love them as much as you do. Why, what would I bitch about without the beloved Olsens?

And because we like the Olsen twins, we have our own proof that the system is not yet obsolete.

You're not going to say bye-bye to the system if people still need it to be content with pitiful, futile, Olsen twin-ridden lives. If you do care about affairs non-olsen, then find like-minded fellas and start your own club. Grass-roots that have eliminated both the need for Olsens and the need to destroy them.

But if you try to take your grass-roots club against the system, you're going DOWN. Two Olsen twins to zero. That's set and match.

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