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Shock and Awe
Published on June 3, 2008 By TaBoo Tenente In Current Events

I was perusing the papers this morning while riding the T to the Commons . . .

Reverend Wright . . . the Pentagon Message Machine . . . Bush 1.2 requesting another what-is-it-this-time $200 billion for let's-see-if-this-works Iraq strategery . . .

Suddenly I was overwhelmed by nostalgia.  I don't know where the wistful longing came from, but I missed the conservative Joe User blog-bumpers I used to read with dismay in years past.  Squashed into my subway seat between one stinky person on my left, and another stinky person on my right, I wondered, "Could those zany, polarized right-wingers still exist?  Those Little Whips, those Dr. Guy-ses, those Mr. Moderates - they can't still be writing at Joe User, can they?  They can't be still extoling the virtues of the KKK - they can't still be searching for those elusive weapons of mass destruction."

I had a chuckle at the humorously ironic name, Mr. Moderate. 

"No," I reasoned, "That's nothing but a spot of nostalgia, Taboo.  Those bloggers never really existed - not in the nutty way you remember."

Two years.  I hadn't passed through Joe User in two years.  I'll be shnookered.

So I surfed my way home to Joe User.  I had a battle with the doorkeeper.  Ten minutes of bloody battle trying to find the password to my keep - ha! I solved that riddle and stepped across the threshold.  After contending with the new format, I finally navigated my way to the Forum.

And for the love of Pete, all of it was true!  Except for Mr. Moderate - he was even better than I remembered, because his name was in fact Moderateman and he was leading the Current Events section with a wonderfully hyperbolic title, "Do Blacks Really Hate All Whites?"  And bless me if the Moderateman didn't mean exactly that!  Did he not see the irony of his title?  I wondered, shouldn't the title have read, "Do Some Blacks Hate All Whites?"  But no!  He had the title correct - exactly the way he meant it!

I still had this itch, though.  My instincts told me someone must be bumping a KKK thread somewhere on Joe User.  Someone must have posted a thread loosely connecting something-or-other to the media's misrepresentation of the KKK.  And if no responses were forthcoming, that poster might nudge the thread, you know, give 'er a little bumperoo, keep it senselessly primed at the top of the category list . . .

You won't believe it, but I was right.

There it was!  There was the flashiest of sexy titles: "The KKK Does Good Work, Too!"  And bless me again, but the author was none other than Little Whip herself.  How brilliant is that?  For some reason, she wrote an article relating the years of bloody KKK racist violence to the tired-n-angry type of racism of Trinity United.  I was shnookered and shnookered again.

All I can say is this: thank goodness her post received ten comments, all from Little Whip and some other guy!  I mean, if Little Whip hadn't bumped her post again (and again and again and again and . . .), why, I might have missed "The KKK Does Good Work, Too."

Well, enough about me.  How are you?  Jeez.  So much time has passed - think about how much must have changed.




on Jun 04, 2008
Good to see you back as well.

And thanks for the mention. We aim to please.